Ashford Spinning Wheels

Since the 1940's Ashford have been producing spinning wheels from their home town of Ashburton in New Zealand. What started as a craftsman making wheels to order has grown through the families generations into what it is today, the largest supplier of textile equipment in the world. The wheels are recognised for their excellent build quality and attention to detail. In fact, go to just about any spinning group in the world and chances are that many of the wheels in the room will be Ashford built.

We have been listed main dealers for Ashford products for over 40 years and are now seeing wheels we sold back then coming in for servicing as they have been passed on to the next generation. They can be easily brought up to date with new parts as very little has changed. This also makes them a good second-hand purchase. If you want to discuss parts needed for an upgrade please give us a call.

Wheel advice, if you would like guidance on selecting a loom please contact us, email, phone or web chat. We are not out to make a sale just give an idea of what might suit your needs. A spinning wheel is often a once only purchase so its worth getting it right

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Page 1 of 1:    10 Items
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