Ashford Wheels

Since the 1940's Ashford have been producing spinning wheels from their home town of Ashburton in New Zealand. What started as a craftsman making wheels to order has grown through the families generations into what it is today, the largest supplier of textile equipment in the world. The wheels are recognised for their excellent build quality and attention to detail. In fact, go to just about any spinning group in the world and chances are that most of the wheels in the room will be Ashford built.
We have been dealers for Ashford products for over 40 years and are now seeing wheels we sold back then coming in for servicing as they have been passed on to the next generation. They can be easily brought up to date as very little has changed. This also makes them a good secondhand purchase

Try before you buy
At Wentworth we have the range on display ready to try out and we're happy to give you advice on selecting a wheel. 
For beginners we will demonstrate how wheels operate and offer advice on getting started. For the advanced spinner perhaps wanting a new wheel we can answer any questions on the technicalities. Having been main dealers of Ashford products for over 40 years we are pretty good at answering questions and giving advice.

If you plan to come and try out a few wheels it could be combined with free fibre sampling. See the details click here

We normally have the range of wheels in stock, when any Ashford equipment is shown as out of stock it is usually a few days for it to be back in stock. We have deliveries to Wentworth once or twice a week.

If you intend to come to try out wheels please give us a phone call to check we have staff available to demonstrate equipment. Just a few times a year the team are away at shows. 
Dont forget we try to offer the best possible prices and a high standard of service based on our long association with the wheels.

Wheel Servicing, free service
For the last 40 years we have been servicing Ashford wheels so have seen just about every problem. For visitors we offer free servicing, the only charge for any parts if needed. Bring your wheel along to Wentworth. Just give us a call before your visit to ensure we have staff available, a few times a year we are away at shows.
We also service Kromski wheels and will look at other makes  old and new but cant offer a parts service. 

For any wheel we will check it over and get it spinning. There are a few individually made wheels that are not quite correct in construction and these may never work. In this case we would give an opinion on how to progress.


We offer free servicing and setting up of all Ashford and Kromski wheels. Simply contact us to arrange a time and bring in your wheel. Charges are only made for any parts used. For other makes we can service and set up but not offer any parts replacement service