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Wingham Wool

Since the 1940's Ashford have been producing spinning wheels from their home town of Ashburton in New Zealand. What started as a craftsman making wheels to order has grown through the families generations into what it is today, the largest supplier of textile equipment in the world. The wheels are recognised for their excellent build quality and attention to detail. In fact, go to just about any spinning group in the world and chances are that many of the wheels in the room will be Ashford built.

If you need any help in choosing a wheel then please get in touch. Our team can talk you through the different styles available, the pros and cons of each and even advise on how to get the most from your wheel. A well chosen spinning wheel can last a lifetime (and beyond), though be warned: once you start it can be difficult to resist the temptation of adding to your collection!

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Ashford Traveller 3
From  £565.00
Ashford Traveller
From  £535.00
Ashford Joy 2 with Bag
From  £659.00
Ashford Kiwi 3
From  £413.00
Ashford Traditional
Ashford Traditional
From  £542.00
Ashforfd E-Spinner Super Jumbo
Ashford ESpinner 3
Ashford Country Spinner 2
Ashford Ball Winder ASH.BW
Ashford Electric Ball Winder ASH.EBW