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"We started Wingham Wool over 40 years ago. While there were plenty of commercial woollen yarns available it was almost impossible to find prepared wool fibres suitable for hand-spinning and felting. So we went straight to the source. Being based in Yorkshire we were able to approach large textile processors and, after a little convincing, were able to source a range of fibres that we knew people were looking for"

"Since then the craft market has grown massively, and we've grown too. Today we process our fibres in-house and have developed our own range of equipment, shipped to crafters, artists and designers around the world."

Ruth Gough, Founder, Wingham Wool


Wingham Express

We've chosen some of our most popular fibres and brought them together in these fantastic deals.
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Minicarders, Pair + 50gm Dyed Merino

£20.00   £18.75

Pink Merino Wool Selection Pack<br> *Includes Free UK Shipping*

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Merino & Silk Blends

We make all our blends right here in South Yorkshire, using traditional machinery dating dating back to the 1930's, lovingly maintained by our team of machinists. Running side-by-side we also have more modern equipment that we use for larger production runs, meaning we can easily switch between 500gm of a Custom Blend through to 50kg of blends for stock.

Merino and Silk, Red 100gm


Merino and Silk, Brown 100gm


Merino and Silk, Pink 100gm


Merino and Silk, Bright Pink 100gm

£4.50Sorry, currently out of stock.

Merino and Silk, Grey 100gm