Education Sales

We're more than happy to supply schools, colleges, universities and government departments with fibres and equipment. 

Whether you're after a few bits and bobs for a single students project or are stocking up for the coming term, we can offer a wide range of fibres and equipment. All the items we stock can be shipped to schools.

How to place your order

Some teachers choose to use their personal accounts to pay for goods, to be reimbursed by the school later. In this case you can order and pay for your order online or over the phone, just as you would a retail order.
If you'd like your goods delivered directly to the school then please make sure you include this in the Delivery Address field.

If your finances department are placing and paying for the order on your behalf or for a department then we ask that the order comes through to us as an email attachment.
Please include a valid purchase order number, together with any references you require on the paperwork. 

For official orders we allow 30 days credit.

All purchases qualify for our standard rate of discounts as detailed on the web site


If there are any special instructions on how to access the premises then please include then in the comments box: Schools can sometimes be tricky for delivery folk to find the right place to be, so any directions are helpful.



 (UK) 01226 742926