Wool Combs & Hackles

The Wingham comb range are all produced here in Yorkshire in our workshop. Each set are individually hand made.

The  Peter Teal English Wool Combs are his original design and the smaller versions all utilise his design of comb tine.

To get the best combing results they are made with tines of 3mm precision double angle ground points hardened and tempered carbon tool steel. They start with a point then a long taper ground shoulder. After grinding each tine is then polished to ensure a good snag free finish.
This eases the tines gently into the fibre being combed to give a smooth combing action.

The head block is angled to give a good strike action swing into the fibre and helps prevent meshing of the heads as they naturally move away from each other. 

European grown hardwoods are used in the construction

All of the fixed base models are also provided with a tine straightening tool. If you do manage to bend a tine this enables an accurate re-adjustment

We produce high quality tools that will last for many years, hopefully, generations.


Care of Combs and Hackles.

After use make sure the combs are dry. If they are not to be used for a while give them a spray with WD40 or similar product. Hold them up with tines pointing down and spray. This allows any excess spray to run off. Store in a dry place. Garden sheds are not good places for carders or combs. 

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Wingham English Wool Comb

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Wingham Small English Woolcombs

From:  £135.00

Wingham Hand Combs with Base Plate

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Wingham Hand Combs

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Wingham Fibre Blending Hackle

£120.00   £130.00

Wingham Flax Hackle

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