Wingham English Wool Comb

Wingham English Wool Comb
Wingham English Wool CombWingham English Wool CombWingham English Wool Comb
Wingham English Wool CombWingham English Wool CombWingham English Wool Comb
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English woolcombs for making your own combed tops at home.

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Product Code:  WSC.R
Brand:  Wingham Wool


The Peter Teal English Woolcombs have become the classic design, and it’s easy to see why. Peter drew upon years of experience to create piece of equipment that does an excellent job with the minimum amount of effort, making it easy to produce your own worsted yarns at home.

Built here in Wentworth, England, the unit is made from sustainably sourced European Beech with a sealed varnish finish to keep it pristine for years to come. The base comes pre-drilled so that you can attached it to a working surface, or you have the option of clamping it down.

The spikes are tempered 3mm carbon steel tines ground to a precision double angled tapered point to aid the entry of the tines into the wool. The tines are the most important part of the comb, so we’ve invested a fair amount of time in ensuring we’re using the best ones available: Sourced from machinery grade producers and made to our specifications to ensure that they’re fine enough to work well with a variety of fibres, yet also strong enough that they don’t break. To make doubly sure we’ve included a tine-straightener tool, so even if tines bend you can easily get them back into shape.

Compare this specification with the crude nail in the block of wood designs around.

Finally we also include a diz so that you can draw off your finished fibre ready for use.


Overall we’re incredibly happy to be able to offer these combs to the market once again. We’ve worked closely with Peter over the years and have been given his blessing to use the name “Peter Teal Woolcombs”, and it’s not an honour we take lightly. The dimensions and weights of the original combs have been followed as closely as possible, as every part has a purpose. From the angle that the tines are set, through to the working height of the base, the Peter Teal Woolcombs offer the best option for creating your own worsted prepared fibres.


Sustainably sourced European Beech
Base unit: 31cm h x 24cm w x 33 l
Comb head: 10.5cm x 7.5cm
Comb handle: 20cm long x 3cm diameter
Comb weight:660gms
Tines: 4 rows – 16cm, 15cm, 14cm, 13cm
Weight of complete unit (handles and base): 3.4kilos

Notes: The base unit is pre-drilled for screwing down to a working table or alternatively you can use clamps to secure the base. We don’t include these as the weight would add to the shipping cost. They can be found at any highstreet DIY store.

For video instruction on using the combs have a look at