Coloured Wools

All our wools are selected and combed from the best parts of the best fleeces to give a consistent high quality. This does mean that at certain times some are not in stock as we have run out and wool is not available of high enough quality to be processed. Our policy is to only offer the best to spinners and feltmakers who put a lot of time and effort into their work and need to know that the finished product will be of a high standard.

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Black Jacob BJT

£1.30   £1.45

Black Shetland SBT

£2.16   £2.40

Black Welsh and Silk BW.S


Black Welsh BWT

£1.26   £1.40

Bluefaced Leicester BLT

£1.88   £2.90

Bluefaced Leicester Oatmeal OBLT

£2.61   £2.90

Cheviot Light Grey  CLGT

£1.26   £1.40

Cheviot Mid Grey CMGT

£1.26   £1.40

French Merino D'Arles Dk Brown FMDB

£2.97   £3.30

Gotland G

£1.57   £1.75

Grey Norwegian GNT

£1.40   £1.55

Grey Shetland  SGT

£1.80   £2.00

Grey Welsh GWT

£1.26   £1.40

Herdwick Mid Grey HMGT

£1.31   £1.45

Jacob Humbug JHT


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Page 1 of 2:    27 Items