Jacob Humbug JHTJacob Humbug JHTJacob Humbug JHT
Jacob Humbug JHT

The original humbug, we first created this blend 40 years ago and gave it the humbug name after the traditional black and white striped sweets (candies)  At that time we were the only producers as the bigger mills were not interested in doing very small production runs.
It has gone on to be replicated in many natural colour variations


Fleeces are selected for quality and the shades seperated to get the best handle for the wool type. They are then carded and combed

We then take the three different shades of Jacob wool tops and blend them together to create this wonderful fibre. We have our own blending/combing machinery so we can ensure that blending is of high quality. We often have videos of the blending process on the web site.

Jacob is a great general purpose wool for jumpers, it is a good balance between softness and durability. 
Once spun it gives a very pleasing effect as each of the colours blend together in the spinning and  plying.
For wet felting it produces a good hard felt suitable for bags and hats. Needlefelters find the colour mix interesting.

Interesting effects can be obtained by dyeing the mixed shades as colour is taken up at different levels. 

Jacob Humbug JHT

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Mixed Jacob colours blended into a wonderful shaded fibre.

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