We offer sliding scale of discounts, which apply to all of our fibres. While we don't extend this to our range of equipment we give a £15 fibre voucher with every wheel sold. We also have our Wingham Price Match, in which we aim to match any Ashford or Kromski wheel or loom price for in stock items from other vendors. 


Wingham Fibre Discount
£50 or more - 5% discount
£200 or more - 10% discount
£400 or more - 20% discount
£500 or more - 25% discount


£15 Fibre Voucher With All Wheels
If you buy any Ashford or Kromski wheel from Wingham Wool then we'll send you a voucher code worth £15 which can be redeemed against any of our standard fibres. If you prefer you can even redeem the voucher when you order your wheel, so you can be up and spinning the moment your wheel arrives.

Equipment Price Match
If you find any Ashford or Kromski spinning wheel cheaper elsewhere then we aim to match the price.  Price matched wheels come with a £15 Wingham Fibre Voucher.