Wingham Hand Combs with Base Plate
Wingham Hand Combs with Base PlateWingham Hand Combs with Base PlateWingham Hand Combs with Base PlateWingham Hand Combs with Base Plate

Wingham Hand Combs with Base Plate

Our Price:  £115.00

Hand Combs with a baseplate unit for table mounting.
Can be used clamped or free hand.

When showing as out of stock we will have them back shortly as we produce them our workshop.

Product Code:  WMCBS
Brand:  Wingham Wool

The Wingham Mini Hand Combs are based around the classic design of the Peter Teal combs.

This simple unit allows you to comb your fibres by clamping the base to a work-surface and using them just as you would any other wool comb. Secure clamping of one comb makes it easier to handle and work the fibres.

The handles and tines have been set at an optimum working angle to ensure that you use the least amount of effort with every swing, and with the second comb clamped to the table you can get a precise action every time. Of course if you prefer you can hold both the combs freehand and use as you would the Wingham Hand Combs.
Just in case you bend a tine we also provide a straightening tool.

Individual Comb Weight: 150gms
Base Weight: 900gms Base plate 20cm x 10cm Height 17cm
Tine Working Width: 7.6cm, 3 inches
Tine length 10cm precision ground double stage point for easy entry into the fibre. It is the long double taper precision ground tine that make combs function easily.

The tine straightener is included just in case one gets bent. The tube is a snug fit over the tine and long enough to make it easy to lever back into place. Should never need to be used but its there if needed.

For safe storage the combs sit on the base plate and the tube straightner is slid over the top to hold them in place, see the photo.

Note: This unit is designed to be fastened to the table using  G-clamps. We do not include these as their weight would add significantly to postage costs. They can be purchased from any high street DIY store.



Care of Combs and Hackles.

After use make sure the combs are dry. If they are not to be used for a while give them a spray with WD40 or similar product. Hold them up with tines pointing down and spray. This allows any excess spray to run off. Store in a dry place. Garden sheds are not good places for carders or combs. 

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