Broken Cotton - 100gmBroken Cotton - 100gm 
Broken Cotton - 100gm

You know how it is: You move a few tonnes of wool and find 20kilos of cotton you'd completely forgotton about!

This white cotton is in "broken tops", pieces that can vary from 1-10 inches. As it has a rather short staple length we wouldn't reccomend it for straight handspinning, but if you're looking for a little something to add to your blends then this could be it!

If you're carding your own blends then you might be adding Tussah Silk to make them a little softer to the touch, and to add a little more sheen to the finished products. This cotton makes an excellent replacement, doing much the same job but for a a fraction of the price. 

Broken Cotton - 100gm

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