Wingham Hand CombsWingham Hand CombsWingham Hand Combs
Wingham Hand Combs

The Wingham Hand Combs are a light-weight version of the larger Wool Combs. This means that they can be used more in the style of a pair of hand carders, rather than have to clamp them into a base unit.

They are in the style of Viking/Scandanavian traditional combs for processing longer types of wools.

We use the same high quality precision ground double angle point tines as in the big combs.

The handles and tines have been set at an optimum working angle to ensure that you use the least amount of effort with every swing. The smaller size of the combs means that they're easy to handle, though the chunky handle ensures that you always have a secure grip. This is great peace of mind not only for safety but also gives you complete control over the combing process. 

Tine Working Width: 7.6 cm, 3 inches


Care of Combs and Hackles.

After use make sure the combs are dry. If they are not to be used for a while give them a spray with WD40 or similar product. Hold them up with tines pointing down and spray. This allows any excess spray to run off. Store in a dry place. Garden sheds are not good places for carders or combs. 

Wingham Hand Combs

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