Ashford Traveller

Ashford Traveller
Ashford TravellerAshford TravellerAshford Traveller
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Small and beautiful, the ideal travelling companion.

Wingham Fibre Voucher worth £15

Optional SpinPlus+ Kit

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Ashford Traveller:  
Optional SpinPlus+ Kit:  

Product Code:  TRAV.NF
Brand:  Ashford


This lightweight, compact castle wheel will spin fine to medium yarn using the 4 drive ratios and bulky yarn with the optional jumbo flyer. The wheel is easy to start with double treadles that are hinged to allow a comfortable heel-toe action. Ball bearings make treadling smooth and effortless.

The separate drive band and bobbin brake adjustment is easy to understand and simple to operate. Four bobbins are supplied and are quick and easy to change.

- compact castle design
- 46cm (18ins) wheel
- built-in lazy kate
- double treadle

A word on double treadles. All Ashford wheels with double treadles will work if only a single treadle is used. It is not necessary to use both treadles. Treadling with a single foot either right or left works. Therefore, you have the options of two feet, or left or right foot treadling.

Optional SpinPlus+ Kit
1 Pair Wingham Standard Carders
1 Ashford Niddy Noddy, natural finish
1 Ashford Yarn Gauge

RRP £60 £50 When bought with your wheel.