Ashford ESpinner 3

Ashford ESpinner 3
Ashford ESpinner 3Ashford ESpinner 3Ashford ESpinner 3
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Product Code:  ES3
Brand:  Ashford


Spin large amounts of yarn, quickly and effortlessly for yourself or a cottage industry.

The e-Spinner is quiet, convenient and simple to use.

No treadling required!

It comes complete with 12 V transformer, jumbo sliding hook flyer, 3 jumbo bobbins and lazy kate with a yarn guide.

It has a silent 12-volt DC 1.25amp 70w motor. The quiet direct-drive flyer has an infinitely variable speed from 0-1800 rpm so it is suitable for all skill levels. Hand controls allow you to easily turn the motor off and on, change speed and direction. The bobbins are quick and easy to change.

Small and portable plus the optional 12v car cord enables you to take the e-Spinner with you to guild meetings, on holiday, use it in the car, caravan, RV or boat. The scotch tension system allows all types of yarn to be spun. It comes assembled and lacquered. Three large capacity jumbo bobbins are supplied. 


Lacquer finish
Weighs 2kg    4.4lb
Jumbo bobbin capacity 225grams   8oz
Oriface  1.5cm   
Motor  12 volt dc   2.0amp  70 watt

Accesories included   3 Jumbo bobbins lacquer finish
                                       tensioned lazy kate
                                       wooden threading hook
                                       learn to spin booklet
                                       padded carry bag with shoulder straps
                                       bottle of oil
                                       on/off foot controller   
                                       12volt mains power cord                  



Power supplies, battery packs.

We are often asked about the use of 12volt power packs. These are not supplied as standard with any Ashford e-spinners, but recently customers have found 3rd party power packs will power the Espinner 3.
We use one of the modern car jump starter packs that doubles up as a power supply. It has a 12volt output for a car cigarette lighter attachment. Ours has a specification of  16,000mAh and the spinner runs ok for a long time.

As this is only information to be of assistance as to what we use we are not giving any product details or buying advice. It was purchased from a well known online market place.