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Wingham Wool
Swatch: 21 Micron Dyed Merino
Swatch: 21 Micron Dyed Merino

Swatch: 21 Micron Dyed Merino

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Price includes 10 Fibre Sample Cards + Free UK Shipping
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Wingham Wool
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Dyed Merino Wools


How It Works

We reckon the best way to get a feel for a fibre is to get hands on, and so we've introduced our Wingham Sample Cards.

Each card contains a small amount of your chosen wool, around 2-3 inches worth, together with the name of the colour/breed and the item reference code. If you're just starting out then it's a great way to get hold of different fibres and find out what might work best for you, and if you've been buying for a while then having colour references to hand is always useful.

All you have to do is select your 10 Sample Cards and add them to the basket. If you want more just add those 10 to your basket then come back and choose the rest.

Price includes Free UK Shipping.

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