These tools are designed to be a "no-frills" introduction to the world of needle feltmaking, but over the years they have  proven to be one of our best sellers for both new and experienced felters.

Packed safely secure in  a slide lock box to keep it away from small children. 

The tools are a simple turned wooden handle, large enough to get a good grip yet small enough to be held easily between the fingers, and we've been careful to make sure that weight is kept to a minimum.

The three needle version can use up to three needles at a time (all our needles except the 19 gauge are compatible with this tool) or you can opt for a single or dual set-up.

Simple to use as the bent end of the needles are inserted in the holes in the split plug, the two parts are then put together and pushed into the handle. This locks the needles into place. If the needles slide its because they are not positioned in the holes. Please note that code painted needles from other suppliers may not fit as the paint prevents positioning of the needle in the hole.
For extra safe storage the needles can be reversed in the plug and they will then sit inside the handle. The whole unit can then be locked back in its box. There is lots of space in the storage box for many spare needles.

The Three Needle Tool tool is supplied with 3 x 36 gauge needles.  It will take the other gauges of needle except 19 gauge.


The 36 gauge needle is a good "all-rounder" size, suitable for most fibres. 

Wingham Felting Tool, 3 Needle

Our Price:  £9.95
(£8.29 Exc. VAT)

Product Code:  NFT
Brand:  Wingham Wool


A great value tool for both new and experienced felters.

Each tool comes with needles.
Packed in a child resistant slide lock security storage box.

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