Felting Needles Multipack<br> *Includes Free UK Shipping*Felting Needles Multipack<br> *Includes Free UK Shipping* 
Felting Needles Multipack<br> *Includes Free UK Shipping*

If you're new to needle felting, or just want to try a few different needle than those you're familiar with, the Felting Needle Multipack is for you!

Each multipack is made up of a total of 50 needles: 10 needles from each of the 5 different gauges we stock in the regular Triangular shape. They're all individually packed and contained in secure slide-boxes, labelled with their size, so you'll always know which needle size you're working with.

If you decide that a particular size works best for you then every box comes with the item code, so you'll know exactly what to order.

What's Included:
10 x 19 Gauge Triangular Needles & Box
10 x 36 Gauge Triangular Needles & Box
10 x 40 Gauge Triangular Needles & Box
10 x 43 Gauge Triangular Needles & Box
10 x 46 Gauge Triangular Needles & Box

Needle Info
19 Gauge: For very coarse strong fibres, flax etc.
36 Gauge: A good general purpose needle. The size we generally recommend for most wool needle felting.
40 Gauge: For fine work.
43 Gauge: For delicate detail.
46 Gauge: For very fine work and finishing detail.

Felting Needles Multipack
*Includes Free UK Shipping*

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Includes 50 needles from our range.

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