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Wingham Carded Rolags, Jacob Humbug<br>*Includes Free UK Shipping*
 Wingham Carded Rolags, Jacob Humbug<br>*Includes Free UK Shipping*Wingham Carded Rolags, Jacob Humbug<br>*Includes Free UK Shipping* 

Wingham Carded Rolags, Jacob Humbug
*Includes Free UK Shipping*

Our Price:  £8.00

5 carded and prepared wool rolags, each weighing 20gms.

100gm total weight.

Product Code:  WE.RO.JHT
Brand:  Wingham Wool

We've chosen some of our most popular blends from our woollen range and turned them into this beutiful selection of Wingham Express Rolags. Wingham Express means that Free UK Shipping & Same Day Dispatch* are included in the price you see, with no extra charges.

The first stage in creating our rolags is using a Wingham Drum Carder to card the fibres and blend the colours. This not only makes them look pretty, but also processes the wool to make it easier for handspinning. Next, the fibre is wound off the drum into "tubes", and it's these that make up the rolag. 

The total weight of this item is 100gm, with each rolag weighing approximately 20gm.

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