Core / Stuffing Wool WFS

Wool for stuffing and needle felting core shapes, this is a blended mix of carded washed fleece wools.

This is a loose open carded mix, no lumpy bits. It is taken straight off the carder as loose fibres. It will not require any further prepration.

The fibres used are breed types from the middle range of qualities that are chosen to give the mix a good loft and recovery. This feature makes it a good stuffing wool as it retains its bounce when compressed.
When used in the process of needle felting it gives a sound base to the work when needled into a body shape. 

Can also be used for wet felting to a give a robust finished product


Core / Stuffing Wool WFS

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Product Code:  WFS
Brand:  Wingham Wool


Stuffing or Core wool for 3D  needle felted pieces.
Suitable for wet felting

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