Olive Oil Soap

We were especially pleased when we sourced this olive oil soap, ideally suited for wet felting. It has zero additives or perfumes and  so won't leave anything behind in your finished piece when rinsed through, nor does it "foam up" in the same way as washing up liquids tend to. Instead it simply lubricates the fibres that you're working on with the minimum of fuss and does it's job well.

The larger bar is especially good value for money.
It's easy to shave pieces off with a knife and mix them with warm water to produce a stock soap solution, creating the perfect medium for working with. It is then easily applied to the fibres using a spray. This avoids the overwetting of the fibres.

Made from pure unrefined olive oil, Oliva is kind and gentle to the skin. Oliva is not tested on animals
100% biodegradable.       Ingredients,  saponified olive oil, mineral salts

Olive Oil Soap

Our Price:  £1.90
(£1.58 Exc. VAT)

Product Code:  OOS.120

Oliva, made in Greece

Great for felting, and it keeps your hands clean!


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