Wingham Mini Carder - singleWingham Mini Carder - single 
Wingham Mini Carder - single

A reduced size, lightweight carder with standard quality card cloth set into a pressed metal back.  With an easy to grip turned wooden handle these carders can be used either singly or in pairs, exactly the same as you would use their larger cousins. Good for carding small amounts of fibre, creating blends in small lots. Easily handled by children. 
If you are carding large amounts of fleece for spinning we would suggest using the full sized hand carders.

Price is per single carder, as they are often used as flick carders. If you're after a pair please make sure you change the order quantity to 2.

Weight: 110gms   
Size: 12cm x 8cm

Wingham Mini Carder - single

Our Price:  £8.00
(£6.67 Exc. VAT)

Product Code:  MSCARD
Brand:  Wingham Wool


A handy sized carder to use as singles or in pairs.
Also used as a drum carder cleaning brush.

Price per single carder.


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