Card Cloth For Blending Board/Drum Carders

Card Cloth  For Blending Board/Drum Carders
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Just the cloth not the backing board

30cm x 30cm stainless wire card cloth  (12 x 12")
Make your own blending board or re-cover a board


Product Code:  WBB.CR
Brand:  Wingham Wool


Just the cloth, not the backing board. The picture is just to show how it fits onto a board.

This listing is a single piece of replacement cloth. See below for ordering for drum carders. It is a 3-ply cotton backing with red rubber covering and stainless steel wire set at 72 points per inch. It measures 12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm).  This is the same grade as used on our Standard Hand Carders.

This wire setting is good for a large range of fibres. You can blend everything from British breed types to merino/silks.

Finer settings are more suited for the much finer micron types of wools and exotic fibres.

Stainless wire is superior as it  much more durable than tin or nickel plated wire. No worries about rust or corrosion. 
The specification is a high quality 3ply woven cotton bonded backing with a rubber surface bonded to the cotton. The wire is 25 Carder Wire Gauge, stainless steel. This all adds up to a high quality durable product


Making your own Board

We've been getting a lot of requests for this, not for use as replacements but for by those wishing to make their own blending board at home. If that's what you're planning then this card cloth will do the job perfectly.

When making a board or recovering one the card cloth should never be glued as this locks the pins in place and looses the flexibility and carding action. We have been making all types of carders for the last 40 years and have never used glue as it would be so silly to ruin the flexibility. 

Card cloth is normally fixed to the base board by staples or tacks along the edges only.


If you dont want to make your own board we produce a de-luxe ready made model which features all the combinations of holding and clamping features.

Drum carder cloth
12" wide cloth is £3.58 per inch please phone or email to order

Also see drum carder cloth listing for 8" wide carders which is the common size.