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Wingham Wool

Texel TX

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Medium grade wool

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Wingham Wool

The breed originates from Holland, the island of Texel

It produces a good medium length staple of white wool, around 10cm in length. A good average general purpose wool.

Micron count is in the range of 31 to 35. This gives it a good robust handle. It is favoured by spinners for good wearing knitwear. 
Needle felters often use this as a core wool for solid bodies or wrapping on wire armatures. It needles well to a firm surface finish.

Wet felted items show a good robust wearing quality. Being in the 30's micron count it takes a bit longer to produce a firm felt



Breed Info

Origin: Island of Texel, Holland
Wool Type: Soft/Medium
Micron range: 31-34.5
Staple Length: 7-14cm
Main Uses: Knitwear and cloth, easy to spin with a good lofty quality to it. 
Other Facts : Originally bred for high quality meat.

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