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Wingham Wool

Southdown SD

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Wingham Wool

Southdown is one of the finer graded English wools. This means it is soft to the touch, suitable for spinning and felting.

5cm staple length (avg), 30 micron.

Breed Info

Origin: Sussex Downs
Wool Type: Very soft
Micron Range: 23-31
Staple Length: 4 - 10 cm
Main Uses: Knitwear and cloth, spins and dyes well. Great for softer knitwear next to the skin.
Other Facts : It’s wool is very dense and considered one of the finest of the British clip.

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1 Review:

Long time knitter, very new spinner
17 September 2023  | 

I'm not new to wool and very used to often strong lanolin smell. I've only filled a drop spindle about
5 times now. This Southdown does not have that strong smell. It is shorter staple than the wools I've worked so far, but that has worked well for me. It's lovely warm white, soft, and easy to pull into manageable sizes.
I've spun some others of unknown varieties which either smelled still but handled well because the grease helped the grip or smelled very little and the fiber seemed to tangle and catch constantly. I look forward to plying and working with this yarn and may well have found my new go to breed.

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