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Wingham Wool
Ashford E-Carder: Electric Drum Carder
Ashford E-Carder: Electric Drum Carder
Ashford E-Carder: Electric Drum Carder
Ashford E-Carder: Electric Drum Carder
Ashford E-Carder: Electric Drum Carder

Ashford E-Carder: Electric Drum Carder

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The Ashford E-Carder is a powerful and versatile electric drum carder that is perfect for processing all types of fibre quickly and efficiently. With its innovative design and user-friendly interface, the E-Carder makes carding a breeze, even for beginners.

Featuring a powerful motor and precision carding cloth, the E-Carder can handle even the most challenging fibres with ease, including fine wools, alpaca, mohair, and silk. The large drum size and variable speed control allow you to customize your carding experience to suit your unique needs, making it easy to achieve the perfect blend of fibres for your next project.

The E-Carder also features a convenient feed tray and a large collection drum, which makes it easy to process large quantities of fibre without stopping. The intuitive control panel and simple operation make the E-Carder easy to use, even if you're new to carding.

Constructed from high-quality materials and built to last, the Ashford E-Carder is a reliable and durable choice for fibre enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned spinner or just starting out, the E-Carder is sure to become an essential tool in your studio.

Features Include

• Infinitely variable speed control for both drums plus a ratio control to vary the in-feed speed
• Acrylic safety covers over the drums and the drive belts, and a magnetic safety switch, for safe use
• Stepped tooth non-slip drive belts with belt tensioners
• Additional on/off foot switch allows hands-free fibre preparation and feeding-in
• When in reverse, for fibre removal, the drums rotate at 10% carding speed
• Carding drums can be removed to clean bearings
• Manufactured in beautiful Silver Beech hardwood with a lacquered finish


30cm (12ins) width
2 independent motors - variable speed - infinite ratios
Adjustable drum clearance
Comes with a Packer Brush for cleaning
Additional Footswitch for instant ON/OFF
Also comes with doffer and clamps
Produces a massive 135g [4.75oz] batt
Available with 72 PPSI cloth on the main drum and 36 PPSI on the feed drum
Weighs 15.2kg (33½lbs)
Delivered Assembled and lacquered


Batt size 30cm (12in), up to a 135g (4.75oz) batt

Weight 15.2kg (33½lbs)

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