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Wingham Wool
Wingham Wide Drum Carder
Wingham Wide Drum Carder
Wingham Wide Drum Carder

Wingham Wide Drum Carder

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Wingham Wool

The Wingham Drum carder is designed by us and built in our workshop, allowing us to create a piece of equipment that has all the features we consider to be the most important.

We think that our carder is excellent value without compromising on either materials or build quality. The card cloth is 72 points per inch (PPI) , the same grade as our Wingham Hand Carders the 72 PPI is a good balance for the vast majority of fibres that will be used.

It takes very heavy use to wear out card cloth and its not something we see often, though hopefully you'll be using this carder for many years to come, so it may happen. The cloth is pinned to the drum, making it easy to replace if required.

The main drum measures 30cm (12") in width and has a diameter of 18cm (7"). Batt size is 30cm X 54cm
We don't give a batt weight as there are too many variations depending on the fibres used and how well packed on they are. For example silk is much more dense than wool.

The frame is hand-made from certified sustainable European birch finished in Danish oil. All rotating shafts are set in Oilite self lubricating sintered bronze bearings. This ensures not only that you get a smooth action on the carder but also that there is minimal wear leading to misalignment of the drums.

The bearing components used  in the drum carder are of a high industrial specification that are actually beyond the needs of the carder but it does ensure that nothing will suffer from rapid wear or failure.


Beech hardwood frame
Oilite bearings for very long life
Stainless steel handle, unbreakable
Doffing awl, designed to run through the wire so no further tools needed
Cleaning carder, to pick out any odd bits of fibre
Table clamps, a pair for side or corner table mounting.

Optional: Long stainless steel handle.
This is intended for those who may have difficulty in turning the drum with a standard length handle, as the extra long handle arm increases the mechanical advantage, making it much easier to turn. Please be aware that this will be sent instead of the standard length handle, not in addition.


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1 Review:

Wingham wide carder
01 March 2024  | 

I have had my carder from wingham for around 6 months now. From opening the extremely supportive packaging to constantly using my carder I have been delighted with it. The construction of the carder is robust, made by a craftsman rather than mass produced, it feels strong and looks good.
On searching for the item it said out of stock on the website, but I phoned the office at wingham and they promised delivery as soon as they were back in stock. I expected to wait a couple of months, but it was delivered within 2 weeks.
The wide base allows for wider batts. I am thrilled with my toy. It's allowing me to be creative while using wool that has become 'tired'.
Only thing I'm not completely happy with is I ordered a long handle. That hasn't been an improvement, but totally my own fault. I'll replace it with a short handle sometime soon.

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