Wingham Drum Carder Packer BrushWingham Drum Carder Packer Brush 
Wingham Drum Carder Packer Brush

This unit is only required for old models of carder. It now comes as standard with the current model

The packer brush is simply fitted to the frame by dropping it onto the back panel, no screwing or bolting needed.

A layer of normal fibre is put onto the drum by feeding in the usual way through the licker in feed table. Embellishments can then be  added directly onto the main drum whilst rotating it. The packer brush presses them down into the wire and stops them dropping off. Further layers of fibre can then be added through the feed table and so sandwich the fancy bits into the batt.

It can be also used when conventional carding to create a thicker than normal batt to be used for spinning or feltmaking, though we  suggest thick batts are only used for bulky yarn spinning.

Please note that we now include this brush with all carders as standard. Some years back it was sold as an optional extra

Wingham Drum Carder Packer Brush

Our Price:  £30.00
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Product Code:  WDCP
Brand:  Wingham Wool

Packer brush for Wingham drum carder

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