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Wingham Wool

Wingham Hand Carders: Seconds

(£37.50 Exc. VAT)


These carders may have slight cosmetic damage, please check the description for full info.

Price per pair.


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Wingham Wool

Please Note: These carders are sold as "seconds", meaning they have cosmetic damage to the woodwork.  In most cases this is either a slight dent in the handle, caused by knocks while in storage, or imperfections in the woodwork which have been plugged.
We feel it would be a great shame to simply bin these, and so instead we offer them with a slight discount. In each case the imperfections are purely cosmetic and the card cloth is unaffected. They are sold with all standard consumer rights.

The design of the Wingham Handcarders has evolved over the years. Over 30 years ago we started to produce the carders and the design evolved and developed. Its a simple classic design that ensures the handling and carding action is easy. Handcarders are an essential part of any spinner or feltmakers tool kit so its necessary to have ones that are comfortable to use and function well.

The backs are made of birch ply, for strength. The turned handle is hardwood fitted at an angle that keeps your knuckles away from the card cloth. It allows a good natural surface to surface contact. The chunky round handle design gives a good comfortable natural grip in the hand. Like all good hand tools there are features of the design that do'nt look to be much but are essential to get comfort in use and give superior performance.

Carding needs the wire to be flexible, the fabric and rubber backing allows the movement of the wire. This combined with the knee bend on each wire works on the individual fibres to tease them out and align them without stressing and breaking the fibres.

These carders have the cloth set at 72 Points Per Inch (PPI): This is a good general purpose setting covering a broad spectrum of fibres.

Weight (single): 350gm
25 CWG (carder wire gauge)
Hardened and tempered steel
Birch plywood clear lacquer finish
Carding Surface Area: 18cm x 9cm
Chunky easy grip handle

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