White Silk Caps  SC50

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Grade A silk caps

Silk caps are the mulberry silk cocoons that have been stretched over a bell shape former. Multiple layers are built up over the former, they are then lifted off and produce a cap or bell shaped multiple layers of silk. This is one of the traditional ways of making silk wadding for clothing.

The product has now been adopted by spinners and feltmakers as it gives very interesting results.

They can be used for spinning by drawing off fibre from the cap. Not difficult, it does take a bit of practice so not a suitable fibre for a beginner. The resulting yarn can give interesting slightly uneven spinning.

Kraftkolour dyes are great for using on these silks as they are easy to work with and will give excellent results with rainbow dyeing methods.

With care thinner layers of silk can be peeled off the cap. Often this method is used by feltmakers to incorporate thin webs of silk into work.


White Silk Caps SC50

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