Replacement Card Cloth By The Inch

Replacement Card Cloth By The Inch

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For covering carder drums and blending boards

Price per inch.

8" and 12" wide

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Product Code:  72DCCLOTH.8
Brand:  Wingham Wool

Please note the current production batch of 8" wide is on light grey backing. The 12" is a red backing

Drum carder information

We sell a lot of cloth for drum carders, either as a replacement for old machines or for those looking to build their own carder. This card cloth is to the same wire setting as our standard drum carder. 

72 points per square inch
high quality stainless steel wire
woven cotton backing with rubber surface finish 

All our card cloth is  stainless wire as the quality of the wire and durability is far greater than tin or nickel plated.

Sold in sheets of continuous lengths. A normal drum carder will cost around approx £65 to completely re-cover, though of course this can vary.

To calculate the amount, length, you'll need multiply the diameter of the drum by 3.142. We always add a little bit extra for free to allow space for making the join. The length can be adjusted by picking out the pins, with a small bladed screwdriver, through the back of the cloth and trimming the backing with a sharp knife. Thin bladed sharp craft knives are best for cutting the backing cloth.

Card cloth is normally fixed to the drum by staples or tacks along the edges only. A joining line, often made of a thin strip of metal or wood will not only fix the cloth but also provides a space allowing the carded batt to be removed when you've finished.
Do not use glue on the back of the cloth as this ruins the flexibilty of the cloth and turns it into rigid pins.
We don't recommend the use of double sided sticky tape as all adhesives on tapes have a life and it may fail. Tacks or staples do a much better job.


Wire stainless steel 25 Carder Wire Gauge
Rubber border / side margin - 16mm. This margin can be trimmed back to 10mm or less when mounted on the drum.
Wire setting 72 points per square inch. This is a good general setting for most fibres and is the PPI that we use on our hand and drum carders.


Old Carders
You may find on very old carders that  are covered by strips of card cloth about 1" wide with a very stiff action. This is carding fillet designed for use on very large drum industrial machines. It was often used because it was acquired from industrial machine covering companies. More often than not it is too stiff for hand drum carders. It can be replaced with the card cloth we produce to give a gentler action to the carding of the fibres.

If you have an old carder that is narrower than the standard card cloth it is possible to reduce the width of the cloth by picking out the pins and cutting it back. The pins are like staples being u shaped in the back so easy to pull out.

Blending board information

Blending boards can be made with either 12" or 8" wide cloth. This is the fixed dimension. Any length can be ordered. Please seee the drum carder information above for suggested fixing methods.

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