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Polwarth PT

Polwarth PT

Our Price:  £2.80

Falkland grown selected quality with great qualities
A good alternative to merino

Price per 100gm

Product Code:  PT
Brand:  Wingham Wool

A breed developed in Australia, by breeding  a quarter Lincoln and three quarter Merino. A southern hemisphere  breed  now mainly found in Australia, New Zealand and the Falkland Islands. A few flocks to be found in other parts.
We source from carefully selected Falkland fleeces to get the better micron count wools.

A great wool often overlooked as its  a great alternative to Merino. It has a similar micron count to merino though the Polwarth has a little more "bulk" to it, giving the appearance of being a fluffier fibre. It is also a very good white. 
Very good for felting and spinning. Dyes well with Landscape dyes.

Staple Length: 100mm approx
Micron Count: 21 approx

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