Natural Dyes & Mordants

The Natural Dye range by Kraftkolour will dye any natural fibre using a handful of non-toxic mordants and additives to help fix the dye and also give you more colour variations. Natural dyeing is very much about reconnecting with the past - apart from using the plant materials you have at hand in your own garden, there are a number of traditional Natural Dyes in concentrated powder form.
The dyes are sourced from the natural materials and quality controlled by Kraftkolour to ensure that they are of a high standard. 
Unlike synthetic dyes the natural dyes can be used in many ways with differing mordants to give interesting variations. Suggestions of how to use them are given and there are also very many publications that cover this topic. With natural dyes experimentation is the only way to really get to know them.

There are many references to natural dyeing to be found by doing a web search. Please note that there are so many variations on their usage that some considerations to methods described have to be made. It is a pathway of exploration.

The dye powders are packed in tough resealable plastic lined packs to ensure they are kept in good condition.



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