Natural Dyes & Mordants

The Natural Dye range will dye any natural fibre using a handful of non-toxic mordants and additives to help fix the dye and also give you more colour variations. Natural dyeing is very much about reconnecting with the past - apart from using the plant materials you have at hand in your own garden, there are a number of traditional Natural Dyes and extracts including Indigo, Madder, Cochineal and Fustic.
We dont give a great deal of instruction in the use of these dyes as there are many variables. Its suggested that you do some research reading if you are not familiar with using natural dyes. 

This range will be expanding as we import more from Kraftkolour

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Natural Dye - Cochineal


Natural Dye - Logwood


Natural Dye - Tannin


Natural Dye - Fustic


Natural Dye - Lac Insect


Natural Dye - Alkanet


Natural Dye - Brazilwood


Natural Dye - Turmeric


Natural Dye - Madder


Natural Dye - Madder Root


Natural Dye - Osage Orange


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Page 1 of 2:    22 Items