Merino Prefelt - White

Merino Prefelt - White
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White Merino Prefelt. Select quality made from broken tops so free of vegetable matter.

To order first select the thickness, then the width. Price is then displayed per metre.

If more than a 1 metre piece is ordered it will be supplied as one piece cut from the roll. Please make a note in the messages box if separate pieces are required.

Roll widths 1 metre and 2 metre.

This product qualifies for the Wingham Fibre Discount.

Product Code:  NP100.1
Brand:  Wingham Wool


Produced from high quality white merino tops which are broken up and put through the needling process.

We start with combed top because the fibre has been through the carding and combing process and vegetable matter contamination has been removed. 

Needlepunch prefelt is manufactured through an industrial process of dry felting. Machinery uses thousands of needles to entangle the fibres to give an even thickness loosly needle felted sheet of fibre. In the commercial world this goes on to be wet felted to produce a hard felt.

But the beauty is that you can continue and complete the felting process yourself, incorporating your own designs as you go. 
It can be used as a background for wet felt. Decoration can be added by adding fibres on top or for more precise designs it can be needled into place prior to wet finishing by the normal wetting and rolling methods. 

If you require a thicker prefelt it can be layered up and felted together.
A very versatile product.

A high quality product easy to felt.

Made as 2 metre and 1 metre wide rolls.


Fine - 100gm approx per square meter,  made from merino combed tops which are broken up and processed

Medium - 200gm approx per square meter,  made from merino combed tops which are broken up and processed

Heavy - 400gm per square meter (this will not be replaced when sold out, made from carded merino)

There are two widths available in the white prefelt, 1m or 2m.