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Fine White Merino and silk MT70.TS
 Fine White Merino and silk MT70.TSFine White Merino and silk MT70.TS 

Fine White Merino and silk MT70.TS

Our Price:  £4.20


Our standard White Merino with Tussah Silk

Price per 100gm

Product Code:  MT70.TS
Brand:  Wingham Wool

This is our 21 micron (70's) fine White Merino, the same fibre that makes our our 125 shades Dyed Merino,  though in this case we've blended it with a fine white Tussah Silk. 
We use 21 micron wools in preference to lower qualities as it adds to the softness when combined with silk. The lustre of the silk greatly adds to the character of this blend.

A superb soft fibre blend for spinning. It also produces a superb handling soft felt
This is a great mix for making nuno silk scarves when matched up with our 3.5mm silk gauze scarfs or fabric. The fine micron works well into the silk gauze.


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