Merino and Silk, Purple Shimmer 100gmMerino and Silk, Purple Shimmer 100gmMerino and Silk, Purple Shimmer 100gm
Merino and Silk, Purple Shimmer 100gm

Designed and made entirely on-site here at Wentworth, our famous Wingham Blends have been a staple for fibre-artists around the world for over 20 years. All the shades are selected from our range of standard dyed Merinos and processed with white Tussah Silk to a 70:30 ratio (approx).

The "Shimmer" range is something a little special: Rather than being blended twice, like our Standard Range, these blends have been processed 4 times so that the various wools shades and the silk are mixed to create a unique shimmer to the finished wool.

This blend is perfect for a wide rang of fibre crafts, including handspinning and felting. While silk doesn't felt on it's own, not being an animal "hair", the way it's been mixed means that the silk is trapped between the wool so it can be both wet and needle felted and you can still have that silky touch to both flat and 3d pieces.

Merino and Silk, Purple Shimmer 100gm

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Luxurious White Tussah Silk blended together with 21 Micron Dyed Merino Wool.


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