Kromski Presto Heddles, 10 inch width

From Kromki:

Heddles come in a variety of sizes called dents to allow you to control of number of ends per inch in your project. The standard heddle with each Kromski loom is 8-dent. Also available are 5, 8, 10 and 12-dent heddles. As you expand your weaving interests, you may want to have more than one heddle size.

All rigid heddles composed of slots and holes. Your warp threads must be able to pass through these holes and slots without resistance. As you raise and lower the heddle, the threads in the slots must slip so their elevation is not altered. As you beat your project, the heddle must slide forward and back without causing yarn to bunch up in the slots and holes. Up, down, forward and backwards – your rigid heddle must move easily.

With experience you may be able to judge suitability of dent size/yarn size simply by looking at your warp material. But at first there is a chance you will misjudge. We suggest that if in doubt you first create a short sample warp maybe 2 inches wide and thread it through your heddle to test how it performs. Remember, in addition to changing heddle size you can adjust your project by substituting a slightly different material for the warp. Some material will not be suitable as a rigid heddle warp, but you may be able to use it for the weft.

Kromski Presto Heddles, 10 inch width

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Additional or replacement heddles for your Kromski Presto Loom.

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