Felting Needles, Twisted
Felting Needles, TwistedFelting Needles, TwistedFelting Needles, Twisted
Felting Needles, TwistedFelting Needles, TwistedFelting Needles, Twisted

Felting Needles, Twisted

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A range of high quality needles for dry and 3D felting.

Needles with a spiral twist for ease of entry into the fibres

All the needles are supplied in secure safety slide lock boxes. Child resistant

Product Code:  FNT38.10
Brand:  Wingham Wool

Needle Quality

As needle felting has become very popular there has been an influx of dubious quality far eastern made needles. Having had a quality inspection made the results show poorly formed barbs that are likely to cut fibres. Poor quality hardening and tempering making them brittle. Shaft diameters not being precise, this could cause problems in fitting into precision holding tools.
They are difficult to identify so customers have to satisfy themselves of the source of supply.
Needless to say we have never stocked them. 



These are a triangular blade with a twist or spiral. Some needle felters like these as they find that they go into the fibre easier and in some fibres leave a much smaller hole. Plus they may be less likely to break if not used in a perpendicular action.

These needles allow the pre-felting process to take place without the need for soap and water, as well as being used to create 3D forms. To do this they have a series of barbs along the working edge that grab the fibres and move them around. They are produced in different thickness gauges; the larger the needle gauge the finer the needle

Whilst all of the needles will tolerate a small amount of bending, too much and they will break.  As such a straight in and-and-out action will ensure a long life for the needle. A well used needle will wear out the barbs before it breaks.

All our needles are high quality European manufacture, not low quality far eastern made.

These needles will fit into all of the needle felting tools we stock.

These needles, like all sharp tools, need treating with care. They are not suitable for use by children without close supervision. All our needles are packed in robust slide lock boxes. Please keep them in these boxes when not in use.

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