Suggestions For 2022

Over the past 40 years Wingham Wool have been supplying fibres and equipment to textile artists around the world, and as you can imagine things have changed a fair bit over that time! As a business we've always tried to keep up with trends, not only as new crafts come onto the scene (we're looking at you needle felting!) but also how customers interact with us a business.

As such we're looking for your feedback and suggestions on what we can do at Wingham Wool to make your life easier: Perhaps there's a particular range you'd like to see us stock? How easy is the website to navigate? Do parcels arrive with you as stated? What do you think of our packaging?

Every suggestion will help us steer Wingham Wool in a way that works best for you, and means we can be sure that we're offering the best service we can. We also like to hear about what we're doing right, so let us know if there's a certain something that keeps you coming back!

And as a little thankyou, everyone who fills out the form will be entered into a competition:
1st Prize : 1 x Yorkshire Blends Craft Pack & 1 Dyed Merino Craft Pack
2nd Prize: 1 x Dyed Merino Craft Pack
3rd Prize : 1 x Mixed Natural Wools Craft Pack

Please add the two numbers

Entries close midnight Sunday 10th April 2022
1 entry per household
Prizes will be shipped to a UK address free of charge. Shipping internationally will be charged at standard rates.

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