We’re very happy to announce that after 19 years out of print we are once again able to offer a fresh print run of one of the most notable books on spinning: The Essentials of Handspinning  by Mabel Ross.

Regarded by many as the the definitive textbook on spinning, this book covers all the basic techniques in handspinning in a way that is simple to understand and accessible to all. If you’re lucky you’ve read a copy, if you’re very lucky you own one.

This year we’ll be launching the latest print of Essentials at Wonderwool Wales and invite you to reserve your copy now for collection at the festival. If you’re not going to Wonderwool then don’t worry: As soon as we’re back from Wales we’ll have the book available to everyone online and at Wentworth.

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The Essentials of Handspinning

In the world of handspinning there’s one name that is repeated time and time again…. Mabel Ross. Throughout the later years of her life Mabel became one of the first figures to study spinning...




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