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As Ashford and Kromski main dealers we have a full back up of spare parts and offer free servicing, only charging for any parts used.

There are other makes available in the UK but we stick to Ashford and Kromski as they are good quality and well supported worldwide. Getting spares and sorting out problems is not always easy with some of the others that are around.

All are on display at Wentworth ready for you to try out and we also offer the best prices.
Having been spinning for over 40 years we have a lot of experience and can assist in making a choice.

If you're new to spinning then please feel free to get in touch and have a chat about what you'll need. The truth is that the majority of wheels are suitable for both beginners and experienced spinners, with a select few more suited to those a bit more advanced.
We will talk you through the types of wheels and make suggestions. As spinners for many years (40+) we have accumulated a good working knowledge and are happy to talk about them and perhaps get rid of a few myths.

Perhaps the the most important thing to take into account are the aesthetics of the wheel. You'll no doubt notice wheels are generally either horizontal or vertical in their layout. The horizontal style is the more traditional wheel, but on the downside they do take up more space. The uprights obviously take up less floor space. In most cases it simply comes down to what you prefer!

The best way to choose any wheel is to try it yourself. You're welcome to come along to the shop and have a go on as many wheels as you like to find the one that suits you, just give us a ring beforehand if you want to try a particular model. We normally have them all set up but sometimes we may have taken one away to a workshop.

You will have access to all our fibre range

We will give advice and demonstrate the wheels in use. We can also clarify any myths on spinning and wheels you may have come across, there are plenty myths around.

There is no obligation to make a purchase. We much prefer that you give it careful consideration and if that means going away to think its not a problem to us. Buying a wheel is normally only done once so you need to get it right and be confident in your choice.

We always aim to keep every wheel in stock, though occasionally we may have a sudden rush on particular style and may be waiting for stock. Ashford stock arrives weekly, Kromski may take a little longer.

Buy a wheel from us and we'll give you a £15 fibre voucher which can be spent on any of our fibres. These vouchers have no expiry date so you can use them whenever you like. Plus as we reckon we have the best prices we are always to match prices and still give our free fibres.

As main dealers we also operate as a service centre for Ashford and Kromski wheels. Free servicing is given to your Ashford or Kromski wheel, charges are only made for any parts used. We will also service other makes of wheel but parts are not stocked for these. Just give us a call to arrange a time. If have an old or antique wheel we can check it for you to assess if it's a working model. We dont do repairs to older wheels but can suggest where to get work done.
We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts for Ashford and Kromski. If you cant find what you need on the web site give us a call as we probably have it.

Price Match
If you find any Kromski or Ashford wheel/drum carder for sale cheaper elsewhere then we will match it and still give the £15 fibre voucher. This includes all sites where there is a current published price.
If you are looking to purchase more than one wheel please contact us for prices as we may be able to offer additional discounts. It will depend on the models and quantities.

Spinning Courses
With over 40 years of spinning teaching we feel we are able to offer high quality tuition both to small groups and individuals. Have a look at the courses page for full details.
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