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Mixed Wool Laps

Mixed Wool Laps

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Mixed fibres from the processing of combed wool tops and other natural fibres 


Product Code:  LAP.500G
Brand:  Wingham Wool

When making blends or combing tops on machinery the wools can sometimes get stuck, fall off, or "lap" themselves around the drums. These then have to be cleared and are put into a big bag, so making Laps. We also have lots of odds and ends from making up some of the special blends. At the start and end of a blend things are not always quite right, but still good quality fibres, so these also get added to the laps bin

It will be dyed fibres, single colours and rainbows, though there may be animal fibres like alpaca or mohair, it's purely the luck of the draw but we do try to ensure that there's a good mix. We have a rough mixing of 25% darker shades and 75% brighter but this is not fixed.
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Is this waste fibre?

The term waste doesn't really crossover very well here: On an industrial prodeuction scale then yes, they are. For crafting they're actually "as-new" short lengths, perfectly clean and usuable, so it would be a shame to throw them out!

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