Wingham Blending Board

Wingham Blending Board
Our Price:  £125.00
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Designed and built in Yorkshire.


Product Code:  WBB
Brand:  Wingham Wool


The Wingham Blending Board is simple, quick and effective way of making your own fibre blends at home. 

At the rear of the board you'll find a supporting brace that can be fixed in three different positions, each adjusting the working angle that the board sits at when table mounted. For storage it can be removed completely. Two clamps are supplied to keep everything sturdy and in place when working on a table top, giving a stable working platform to create your blend. 

The carding are covers 30cm x 30cm and is made of the same specification card cloth that we use for our Wingham Hand Carders. This 72 PPI cloth is suitable for most wool types that you'll be using, though if you aren't sure if it's right for what you intend on using then feel free to contact us in advance.

Weight: 2.8kilos
Includes single mini-carder and two wooden dowels to take off your rolags