Three Pass Blend: Orange, 100gm

Three Pass Blend: Orange, 100gm
Three Pass Blend: Orange, 100gmThree Pass Blend: Orange, 100gmThree Pass Blend: Orange, 100gmThree Pass Blend: Orange, 100gm
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Try out our new range of 3-Pass Bends.


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New: Three Pass Blends

*Note: This item is a trial product for a new Wingham range. Stocks and resupply may be limited.

We've been making our Merino and Silk Blends onsite here in Wentworth for over 40 years, shipping all over the world to artists, designers and crafters. For most of that time we've been producing "2-Pass" blends: the fibres are passed through the machinery twice, "mixing" the colours.

Why twice? Two passes means that the colours, while blended together, aren't too mixed up: You're left with clear strands of the different shades and the silk is nicely defined. This makes it perfect for hand-spinning, as the final act of spinning and plying give the blends one last mix while it's being used, resulting in a fantastic yarn where all the shades are able to shine through.

However, these days more and more of our fibres are being used for feltmaking, and so the requirements can be slightly different. Giving the blend an extra pass, mixing the colours and silk together more, results in a beautiful fibre that can be worked straight into felted pieces. 

"So, I can only use them for felting?"

You can use them for whatever you like! These blends are suitable for felting, spinning, or whatever else you care to turn you hand to. We're simply adding to the range.


Just like our other Merino and Silk Blends, all the shades are selected from our range of standard dyed Merinos and processed with white  Silk to a 70:30 ratio (approx).