Special Offer: Needlepunch Trimmings 500gm SO.NPTR

Special Offer: Needlepunch Trimmings 500gm SO.NPTR

Our Price:  £7.00
RRP:  £8.00
Saving Of:  13%


Price per 500gm

Product Code:  SO.NPTR
Brand:  Wingham Wool

We get through plenty of rolls of Needlepunch Prefelt, and each time we do there are always offcuts and trimmings left over. Much the same as the Merino Laps there's nothing wrong with these fibres in terms of quality, the only issue is that the bits left over are in a wide range of shapes and sizes. All are a reasonable useable size, not small bits and pieces

We're offering them in Pot-Luck bags weighing 500gms each. The pieces you receive will be mixed in size, but they'll be the exact same fibre that goes into our White Merino Prefelt Packs.



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