Special Offer: Carded Batts -Black ECB.1

Special Offer: Carded Batts -Black ECB.1

Our Price:  £3.95


Carded Scandinavian breeds for a hard-wearing blend.

Product Code:  SO.ECB.1
Brand:  Wingham Wool

Please Note: These Black Carded Batts have a relatively high amount of pale fibres in them than we normally expect. They are perfectly fine in terms of quality, but we felt we couldn't sell them as "pure" black, so are offering them at a discount price.

The Wingham Carded Batts range is made from a blend of dyed Scandinavian wools. These hardy breeds produce a stronger, more hard-wearing fibre, making them perfect for textile projects which may require a little more strength. They're perfect for felted bags and booties, and spin into a yarn that can handle the rough and tumble of daily use.

Each batt measures 46cm x 28cm (approx) and weighs 100gms (approx). The fibre size varies between 32-34micron.

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