Natural Wool Pick 'n Mix: Brown Bluefaced Leicester

The Wingham Pick 'n Mix range are chosen from the complete range of Natural Wool colours. Each one weighs 20gms and is individually sealed in its own bag and labelled with the name and code to keep them all neat and tidy.

"Are they just colour samples?"
Nope! The range has been put together to be useful amounts of fibre, not just small pieces for colour matching (though they're useful for that too!). To give you an idea, 20gms is about 4/5 hand spans in length, though this is just a guide. 

"What can I use them for?"
Bluefaced Leicester is one of the most popular natural wools, a lovely brown colour, this is a lustrous, silky longwool  that is known for being reliable and truly multipurpose . Handspinning, wet-felting and needle-felting are perhaps the most popular uses. It is fine enough to be worn next to the skin.

"I've run out of a specific wool. Can I get more?"
All the Natural Wools are standards from our Wingham Natural Wool range, so if you find you're a little short then you can always order more.

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Natural Wool Pick 'n Mix: Brown Bluefaced Leicester

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Brand:  Wingham Wool

20gm sample pack of Wingham White Corriedale wool.

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