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French Merino D'Arles Dk Brown FMDB
 French Merino D'Arles Dk Brown FMDBFrench Merino D'Arles Dk Brown FMDB 

French Merino D'Arles Dk Brown FMDB

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Product Code:  FMDB
Brand:  Wingham Wool

Produced in the Provence region of France, an area we normally associate with lavendar and sunflowers. But add to that image merino sheep!

These tops are made from carefully farm sorted and graded fleeces. Our agent travels to the farms to personally sort the wool before sending it off for scouring and combing, ensuring you're getting the very best of quality.

This merino is a high bulk 23 micron,  giving it characteristics different to ordinary merino. When spun it will give a nice bulky yarn and for feltmaking the 23 micron is a good felting wool with an interesting colour. 

The sheep are taken by shepherds in the hot summer months on a 5 day walk into the cooler mountain high pastures to graze on the lush green meadows.. They are then brought back before the winter snows begin.Its a tradition to walk the flocks through the villages and has a festival atmosphere 

The "transhumance", an old traditional practice going back hundreds of years

For those who look at the airmiles that merino normally travels this French alternative is the shortest distance that any of our merino travels.

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