Luxury Laps - 250gmLuxury Laps - 250gm 
Luxury Laps - 250gm

This pack is made up 250gm of mixed "Luxury" Fibres. This might include Silks, Cashmere, Angora, Camel, Yak, etc. Each pack is different and the fibres aren't named, so you never know what you're going to get. What you can be certain of is perhaps the most cost effective way to get hold of some of the most luxurious fibres around! They can be used on their own for a wide range of fibre crafts, but we recommend combining them with our standard range of wools, to add that little touch of finesse to you finished piece. 

Contents may vary, image shows content of one pack chosen at random.
Due to their popularity this product is limited to 3 per customer.


What Are "Laps"?
Textile machinery can be a little like us at times and occasionally they can have a bad day. On days like these the fibre will get stuck, fall out, or sometimes "lap" itself around the rollers and need to be cut out. It's here that we get the term Laps", for any fibre which is of perfect quality but might not be quite suitable for selling as new.

Luxury Laps - 250gm

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Brand:  Wingham Wool

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