Kromski Harp Loom Second Heddle Block

Please note that newer looms already have the double heddle block as standard. These blocks are for older models. Eventually these blocks will be phased out

These blocks will fit all sizes of Kromski Harp loom.

Fixes into the predrilled holes on the loom frame.

These are intended to be added to older Harp looms to allow the use of a second heddle.

Later Harp looms have a double heddle block system fitted as standard. A second heddle block is not needed.

Having a second heddle allows simple patterns in the weave to be produced. 
All mounting holes are ready drilled in the loom frame. The blocks are simply fixed with a bolt and wingnut.


Kromski Harp Loom Second Heddle Block

Our Price:  £20.00
RRP:  £21.00
Saving Of:  5%
(£16.67 Exc. VAT)

Product Code:  K.HB
Brand:  Kromski

For attaching  a second heddle, for older models of loom.
Recent looms have them fitted.

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