Jarrah Wood Felting Block
Jarrah Wood Felting BlockJarrah Wood Felting BlockJarrah Wood Felting Block

Jarrah Wood Felting Block

Our Price:  £32.00

Jarrah wood from Australia

Product Code:  HFB.J
Brand:  Wingham Wool

Designed and assembled to the same high standard as the standard Beech Wingham Fulling Block, this Jarrah wood version is a little different

Jarrah is noted for its density and strength. One of the Eucalyptus or gum trees of Australia. So hard and heavy often known as ironwood. Its difficult to work with as it quickly blunts tools. Worth the effort as the result is a nice grained heavy tool.

Our Jarrah fulling block is made here at Wentworth and comes finished with a clear lacquer coating, so you can appreciate the attractive grain of the wood.  On the practical side of things it does a fantastic job, adding strength and durability to you flat felted pieces.


diameter 130cm
weight 330 gms approx

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