Essentials of Yarn Design

Essentials of Yarn Design
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The definitive guide to handspinning and yarn design.

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We are very happy to anounce a new print is now available, published by Mabels son Alastair and distributed by Wingham Wool. As many will know Ruth and Mabel had a long friendship back in the day, and it's wonderful to be able to bring her work back to the market.


Only when the first hurdles of learning to spin on a spinning wheel have been surmounted does the handspinner have the freedom to begin to seek answers to questions which start to present themselves.
Does it matter what kind of fleece one buys? Why do some yarns seem hard and overtwisted and how can this be avoided? How much twist does a yarn need and how can one put the right amount in it? How much should one twist yarns when plying them? Warp yarn is said to need more twist than weft how much more, and how can this be gauged? 

The answers to such questions are sought by handspinning students and this book endeavours to give practical answers to them all. Among the most important is that of being able to make a yarn which complies with some requirement of thickness and quality, since, for instance, this enables it to be used so easily for published knitting patterns.

February, 1983 Mabel Ross.


Note: "Due to some limitations encountred whilst reproducing, reprinting and binding this book, some of the original "Margin Notes have become difficult to read. I apologise for this". 

Each book will have a separate reproduction of the few notes that are not easily readabale in the book itself.

Alastair Ross

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